How to brew coffee with paper filter

In order to address the convenient needs for coffee lovers, paper filter is the most latest trend filter which can help to you drink coffee at any where and any time. Below are the specific guidelines which can help you to brew the best coffee with paper filter:

- Preparation: we will need boiled water, pure coffee powder, coffee cup (the shorter, the better), coffee spoon

- Hang paper filter on the coffee cup. Living Well paper filter is designed to fit any coffee cup. However, the shorter coffee cup can deliver better coffee taste

- Take 3 or 4 spoons of coffee powder depend on your taste (15 - 20gr) into paper filter

- Pour 10ml of boiled water into coffee powder. Trick: you don't need to use the measure cup, you can watch the bottom of the cup to stop the pouring. If you see boiled water on the bottom of the cup, you can stop pouring water

- Use the spoon tail to stir coffee powder. We need to ensure that all coffee powder has touch water. You should wait for about 1 - 3 minutes to ensure that all coffee powder is grown up.

- Pour boiled water to get the coffee water. You can take as much as you can depending on your taste. However, you should be noticed that the coffee powder is soaked in boiled water the longer (3 - 5 minutes is recommended), the better taste you can get.

- Take out the paper filter.

- And ... it is the coffee that you desire on the way.